Twittimer • Getting Started Guide Part 1

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Getting Started Guide, Part 1.

Step 1: Settings

First click 'menu' in the top left corner and go down to 'settings'


Next, set your timezone so your messages get sent out at the correct time. Also, choose either a 12h or 24h time format.


We require that you enter in your email address and select a password so you have an additional way to login to Twittimer. Also, it gives us a way to notify you of important changes.


Then, we suggest shortening your URL links for two reasons. They look nicer, and you can see statistics on those links, like how many people clicked on it. For free users, you can select, which is google's free URL shortening service.


If you want to decorate your Twittimer account with your twitter background image, just select 'Yes' for Manage Background Images. Otherwise you can choose amongst our other default graphics.


Step 2: Scheduling your First Message.

So just click on 'Scheduler' at the top of the menu, or close the menu and click 'new message' in the top right corner.

Then click 'new message' in the middle of the screen. The message box will expand. Then, type out your message and select the date and time you want your message to go out and hit 'schedule'. We will do the rest and post it at the time of your choosing!


Take notice of 2 things. If you want to add an image, just click the light grey photo icon in the bottom left corner. Also we will automatically count the characters for you in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Archives

On the main screen you can see a tab called 'archives'. This is where you can see all the posts that have already been posted to your social account(s).

If you hover your pointer in the top right corner of the message, you will see some options appear.


If you click the pie chart you will see statistics like how many people retweeted, liked, or shared your post. The statistics depend on which social network you posted to of course.


There is also a handy 'repost' button where you can reschedule the content again for a later time.

Step 4: Content/RSS Feeds

It can be really tough coming up with new content everyday to keep your readers engaged. RSS feeds are here to help!

What is an RSS Feed? Many blogs and sites use these to syndicate their content. They display their latest posts in a feed.

Twittimer can import these feeds. We show the post title and URL linking back to the article. If you see an article you want to share with your readers, just hit the 'schedule button'. You can also add your own commentary to the post.


It can sometimes be tough to find the RSS feed of a website. Its usually easiest to google 'website name + RSS Feed'. We are working on a tool that will find it automatically for you.

Step 5: Timetables

You might be wondering what the 'timetable' button does next to the schedule button.

This is simple tool that can save you some time. For example, let's say you know you want to tweet every weekday at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

So just open the left menu and click 'timetables'. Go to the timetable page and create a timetable and select the days and times you want your messages to post.


So when you want to post according to your timetable schedule, just click the 'timetable' button in the message box.


Remember, it's not mandatory you use this feature, its just a way to help save time.